Bad Kitty Open Eye and Mouth Spandex Hood

Smooth soft spandex for all your hooded needs! This stretchy hood will fit tightly around your head, exposing just your eyes and mouth for any and all kinky play. Works wonderfully with a catsuit for a full-on zentai experience.

Bad Kitty Zentai Lace Hood Mask

Add some instantly-feminising mystery to your face by slipping into this sensual lace hood. Cut in a full-face style that frames the eyes and lips beautifully, the delicate shape of this hood creates an alluring setting for your natural features.

Deluxe Leather and Lycra Gimp Hood

A comfortable gimp mask made from leather with contrasting stitching with a full lycra hood ensuring a tight fit. Forget baggy fits and get that Mexican wrestling mask look with a darker edge. Perfect for bedroom bondage and out-on-the-town fun.

Bondage Boutique Spandex Hood

In stretchy spandex, this full-face hood is ideal for fans of sensory deprivation and Zentai. The incorporated blindfold ensures you won’t see anything you’re not supposed to during your bedroom bondage games, enhancing pleasure for you and your partner.

Spartacus Spandex Hood Gimp Mask

Enjoy the pleasing sense of confinement, feel the soft fabric gently caress your face. Wait in total darkness as you wonder what will come next… This Spartacus Spandex hood is perfect for Zentai bondage or for more gentle – but no less sexy – role-play.